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SEO Plan

Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan
Keywords 5 10 20
Website Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Keyword To Page Assignment
Competitior Analysis & Report
Meta Tag Implementation 5-10 Pages 5-15 Pages 20+ Pages
Document Structure Implementation
Internal page interlinking
Blog Implementation
Blog Posts Per Month 12 24 40+
Website Content if required 1500 Words 3500 Words 5000 Words
Marketing Account setup (Google and others) 2 4 6
Google Local Listing
Local Business Listing on Portals 5 10 30
Commenting (blog and forums Yes (if required) Yes as per keywords
Classified Ads 10 20 30+
Website Enhancement Report
Guest Posting 5+ 10+
Work Reporting Monthly Monthly 15 days
Ranking ROI Yes but not committed 100% 100%
Price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Call Now : +91 81144 52955
PPC Plan

Monthly PPC Budget 15% of budget 15% of budget 10% of budget
Setup cost one time per ppc advt 500 500 300
Campaign Search Only Search & Display Search + Display+ Remarketing (If Needed)
Ad-Group upto 3 upto 8 upto 15
Ads upto 6 upto 15 upto 25
Keywords 10 20 30
Targeted City As required As required As required
Calculated Keyword Management
Insightful Analysis
Custom Google Analytics Dashboard
Ad Extensions Setup
Desktop And Mobile Campaigns Desktop Only Desktop & Mobile Desktop & Mobile
Contact / Support
Minimum Starting Price* 10000 25000 50000
Gauranteed Projected leads per day min 4 min 10 min 20
Price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Call Now : +91 81144 52955

  • Keywords with high traffic and competition starting pricing will finalized after PPC analysis
  • Leads gaurantee vary upon business segment
  • Setup cost covers Planning, consultancy, and landing page creation

Plan and Pricing

We provide best SEO & PPC packages to make your website healthy and potential in the eyes of search engines. Our seo price include keyword selection to content marketing in order to make your site smart enough for catching targeted customers. Optimize and promote your website and offer one time SEO & PPC packages and also SEO price that includes “Basic, Expert and Professional” on monthly basis.

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