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PPC Management Services

Google Ad words | Facebook Advert | Bing/Yahoo Ad Center)

Pay Per Click is the process of increase web traffic and online visibility on Google. PPC involves buying genial traffic through paid listings on Google search. Instant results, affordable prices, Ad Creation, high value keywords, Geo-targeted PPC, and custom scheduling are some advantage include in PPC.

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Our PPC Process


Setup Right PPC Strategy

Our PPC Analyst provide a full range PPC services which include setting up the PPC Account, Best PPC strategy, selecting Ad group, & PPC Management


Competition Research

We are equipped with advanced SEO tools and techniques that help us continuously monitor the SEO activities of the competitors


Schedule & Take live

We will take live ads on best time and schedule.


Create Ads

We provide a wide range of online ad creation services which includes Ad Text, Display ad, Keyword Optimization, using Call-to-action phrases, and forming Attractive yet Descriptive headline.


Highest ROI

ROI is monitored closely and the campaign is tweaked according to trends in the report. Performance data for all keywords can be viewed by clients including click through rate, ROI and traffic reports


Reports Monitoring and Analysis

Reports of Waste Spend on Negative Keywords, Click through Rates (CTR), and Quality Score Estimation. Our PPC process is highly integrated with data-driven PPC Strategy.

Campaign Report

We will give you all type of reports like click through rate, Cost per click, Keywords, Search Network, Cost, Display Network, Ad group, Campaign

Adword Report
Campaign Report

Why Choose Us For PPC In Jaipur

Digital Marketing Jaipur Company has got in-depth knowledge in PPC & Google Adwords. Our team has worked with many projects and does consulting before choosing all PPC & Google Ads services and run their entire Campaigns. Our Experience in working with various segment. We have successfully done travel, hotels, business services, online branding, online product sale projects.

  • Reasons why you should select PPC Services for genrate business:
  • Depth Knowledge of PPC & Google Adwords.
  • Treat all customers as prized customer.
  • Believes in Long Term Commitment.